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Could You Have a Profound Mystical Experience?

French writer, diplomat, and poet, Paul Claudel underwent a profound mystical experience which changed his life. He described it as “in one instant my heart was touched and I believed.” This event led to his becoming a Roman convert, but up to this moment he spent years struggling to merge the opposition between his intuition and intellect. Natally, Jupiter is...

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The Jupiter Man

Can you describe the Jupiter-type of man? Some women attracted to a Jupiter male often like the kind of man who dwarfs all others (at least from their perspective), a man of strange atmosphere, crazy landscape, and savage gravitational pull! This man paints in broad strokes and his large presence is often shown through his physical physique, personality, knowledge or spirituality....

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Jupiter: Faith Moves Mountains

Jupiter rules the future, visions and seizing upon any universal openings and potentials lying on the road ahead. The big planet represents special meaning, and also personal insights of how the world is connected to us. Most of all, though, it confers the royal kiss of significance and does not blink at the big questions. Most Jupiterian individuals are interested...

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Jupiter Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn: Examining Fortune and Misfortune

Jupiter and Saturn are often discussed together in many astrological works. Mainly this is due to their expressions and the polarity of their natures as in up and down, unlimited and limited, positive and negative, rich and poor, and fortune and misfortune. Thus, we, too, experience these swings of fortune in the life spheres (houses) where Jupiter and Saturn are …


Exploring Jupiter

Stephen Arroyo’s Exploring Jupiter: Astrological Key to Progress, Prosperity & Potential  is a great read, as well as being the first entire astrology book on this planet in my collection. The only criticism is that it is filled with bags of quotes (Jupiter excessive, maybe), mainly by Charles Carter. At times, it interrupts the writing and flow of the work, otherwise, …


Jupiter Astrology: Who’s Yer Daddy?

Jupiter corresponds to the increase of celestial energy. This results in the expanding mind and the spread of ideas, philosophies and concepts. It can, however, emerge in over-expansion as it possesses a life-embracing view. It is within Saturn’s realm where we find the contraction of vitality, the cross of matter over the soul – limitations and tests. Jupiter symbolizes the image …


Jupiter: Good Karma

Jupiter is the king of the gods with a jealous wife, the biggest and most powerful of all. Ruling heaven, sky, and thunder. Considered to be volatile at times, he would often blast thunderbolts from the sky and this was his way of punishing mortals. However, once the anger was gone he would be jovial once again. One of the key …

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Jupiter and Saturn Transit Gifs

Jupiter transits: Yes! Jupiter transits can be good; the lord of greater fortune and very beneficial, bringing lots of presents, boons and offerings to our table. Fun, amusement, and pleasure are what Jupiter rules in life. The general feeling that takes over us at these times is contagious, and ’tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, …