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Mercury in Scorpio/8th/Aspects Pluto: Being Painfully Aware

Stuck thoughts. Painful ruminations. Unrelenting obsessions. They are the curse of your existence. It’s like an evil witch has cast

Mercury in Leo: Quotes

By being conscious of the effects you have on others, you may notice that the Leo dramatic ability to communicate

Mercury in Sagittarius: Universal Knowledge

Question: Why does Mercury in Sagittarius think that it knows the “universal” truth? I want to reach your mind –

Mercury in Scorpio: The Statistics

An individual with Mercury in Scorpio is the analytic x-ray and will do nothing less than a full psyche scan. With phenomenal

The Secretary: Mercury in Pisces

The Mercury in Pisces assistant has layers of a sensitive mind; deep down this go-between is a non- rational, non-definable, supernatural

Mercury in Sagittarius: Detriment

Question: Why is Mercury in Sagittarius in Detriment? A Mercury in Sagittarius individual is always looking for an escape hatch

mercury in pisces fall

Mercury in Pisces Fall

We all know that moment when trying think of a name that has just slipped our mind, the more we

Mercury in Gemini: Ping-Pong Mind

Those with Mercury in Gemini have powerful perceptions, observations and accurate assessments of everything around them. It can be puzzling

Mercury in Cancer: Intuitive Thinker

Water isn’t the most congenial element for Mercury since water tends to blur thinking, and bring in a lot of

Mercury in Sagittarius

Mercury in Sagittarius

An individual with Mercury in Sagittarius has a mind that is expansive, with a broad overlook. Here we find a love