Uranus is the co-ruler of Aquarius along with Saturn, and this electrifying planet takes us into the higher mind and gives us a clear perspective and capacity for seeing the future in a blinding flash of clarity. Uranus is a great Awakener, who brings visions and revelations. Uranus has come to be associated with things […]

Uranus: The Third Eye

The meaning of Uranus is to wake us up with a new perspective or insight that has been unconscious. It is the part of us that experiences a ‘personal breakthrough’. A new discovery about ourselves that was unclear before. Uranus is like finally seeing life in high definition and everything is much clearer, brighter and […]

The Outer Planets & Compulsion

The Outer-Planets have a powerful and compulsive energy over the horoscope. The lengths of the transits reveal the longevity and impact of these gods and the significance of their energies over the course of history. The Uranus cycle equals one Neptune cycle and the Neptune cycle, equals one Pluto cycle. Dane Rudyhar suggests that these […]

The Big Bang Theory

Uranus people are more prone to electrical items acting strangely. The Uranian electrical energy is interesting: Audience: Since we are on the subject of the supernatural, could complexes have anything to do with poltergeist activity. Liz:That is another area in which the psychoid nature of complexes may be evident. The energy of the complex is […]

Astronomy Vs Astrology

In the middle of watching an astronomy programme the presenter was talking about Jupiter and its physical qualities. According to Astronomy, Jupiter is the largest planet and 1000 earths could fit inside. The Astronomer said that astrologers believe that Jupiter influences human lives and that we are right! Astronomically, Jupiter is very “beneficial” to the […]

First Test-Tube Baby Born

On July 25, 1978, Louise Brown, the world’s first test-tube baby, was born in the U.K. Her mother, Lesley Brown, had been unable to conceive because of blocked Fallopian tubes and had undergone experimental fertility treatment to become pregnant. The method involved removing eggs from a woman’s ovary, fertilising them with sperm in a glass […]

Nostradamus The Millenium & Beyond

Nostradamus: The Millennium and Beyond, Prophecies to 2016, is written by Peter Lorie and Liz Greene, first published in 1993. The book contains an Astrological preface that explains the astrology behind Nostradamus’ predictions. The opening paragraph says: “Prophecy is at the best of times a chancy business whether undertaken by a 20th century economist or […]