The Forces of Destiny

Forces of Destiny: Reincation, Astrology, and Karma contains a number of themes that prompt introspection about the role of Fate and Destiny in one’s own life; touches on astrology periodically but centres mostly on rebirth and karma. Those who study astrology can relate to the author’s delight at the dance of life and the awe felt when we realise how much control we have over fate. According to accounts of the afterlife and OBEs, many persons who have died and returned have a firm faith in the universe’ order and law. Discussions about the afterlife, including reincarnation, NDEs, and the judging of souls, are also found. Thornton reasoned that if we weren’t compelled to drink the Waters of Forgetfulness, we would be able to fully understand. After death, we will receive all of our memories back, and we will feel more whole than ever before (12th house).

 Astrology enthusiasts will surely resonate with the author’s musings on destiny and the awe-inspiring realisation of our own power to boogie through existence. 

An Etheric Body

In order to describe the Higher Self, cosmic consciousness, and divine energy that permeates our being, the phrase “glowing with a reddish-blue light like a ghost, but radiant, a touch darker than early peach bloom” is frequently employed. Our etheric body is a carbon copy of our physical one, therefore it seems to reason that we retain some of our terrestrial qualities even in the hereafter.

The Planetary Spheres

The legendary island of Atlantis and its highly advanced spiritual and technological inhabitants are briefly discussed; yet, this culture was doomed to extinction by an unknown factor. The next chapter provides a wealth of information for astrology students interested in learning more about planetary orbits and spheres. For those curious about Edgar Cayce’s “sleep periods” and the insights he gained about the afterlife and the cosmos, this book is a must-have.

Some of the book’s themes are illustrated by the passage below:

When I took the diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, I had to discuss in an essay the dilemma between fate and free will. At the time, the issues appeared quite cut and dried to me that while there was a divine plan at work, we also had the God-given ability to exercise free-will. I find the issue much more complex now. As an astrologer, one cannot avoid the knotty problem of fate, since a birth chart at almost every level is showing a fated pattern, even if character is the fundamental issue and future ‘trends’ are avoided; character may indeed be destiny, but how did we come to have such a character in the first place? Is this not also fate? And where does free will come in when the individual is born with deformities or multiple disabilities?