Forces of Destiny

The Forces of Destiny: Reincarnation, Astrology and Karma, is an interesting read, although there isn’t too much astrology. What it does contain is lots of thought-provoking information on how Fate and Destiny play out in our lives. Here is a quote from the book as an example of its content:

When I took the diploma of the Faculty of Astrological Studies, I had to discuss in an essay the dilemma between fate and free will. At the time, the issues appeared quite cut and dried to me that while there was a divine plan at work, we also had the God-given ability to exercise free-will. I find the issue much more complex now. As an astrologer, one cannot avoid the knotty problem of fate, since a birth chart at almost every level is showing a fated pattern, even if character is the fundamental issue and future ‘trends’ are avoided; character may indeed be destiny, but how did we come to have such a character in the first place? Is this not also fate? And where does free will come in when the individual is born with deformities or multiple disabilities?

Reincarnation is discussed, NDEs, and the judgment of souls. The book touches upon the view that we often find many ancient civilizations’ acts, rituals, and beliefs rather naive according to our world view. Out of body journeys and accounts of life after death relating that many people that died came back with a firm belief in cosmic law and order.

The matter of fate is touched upon and is most likely a compelling subject for those interested in astrology. The wonder surrounding how free we actually are in this dance of life. The author muses further along – If only we didn’t have to drink the Waters of Forgetfulness, we would remember what it is all about! I guess it will all come flooding (12th house) back to us once we die and we will once again feel a sense of a larger contentedness.

The Higher Self and our cosmic consciousness and the divine essence that permeates our being is discussed with talk of etheric body that is a precise copy of our physical form and described as ‘glowing with a reddish-blue light like a phantom, but radiant, a little darker than young peach blossom.

The book breezes along some of the most intellectually challenging of subjects. The story of Atlantis is touched upon briefly and the inhabitants who were technologically advanced and highly spiritual, but some form of chaos and destruction wiped out their existence. The planetary spheres are discussed briefly in chapter 4. Edgar Cayce discussed this in his ‘sleeping states.’ All in all a highly interesting book for all those interested in topics pertaining to the other world and our place within the grand scheme of things.