Mercury in 6th House

Those with Mercury in the 6th house really do put their mind into work, daily routine and habits. They often come up with useful ideas and practical ways to solve problems, and their field of interest may involve the use of a clever, flexible and inventive intellect. The individual can be described as being quite ‘mental ‘and its expression is shown by Mercury’s sign and aspects. The 6th house of the chart signifies service, apprenticeship, and craft. It rules over […]

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Mercury in the 8th House

A Mercury in the 8th house individual is acutely aware of the unconscious exchanges between people. They often have an acute sense of what goes on behind closed doors. There is also a deep, serious mentality; and perhaps even an unnerving curiosity about life and death issues. An awareness of another reality and hidden agendas is something they are usually interested in exploring. Mercury here loves to investigate the unknown and they’re extremely curious about what goes on under the […]

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Mercury in the 7th House

Mercury in the 7th house represents the need to collect and impart information to others. Hence, this is why such a placement can do well in partnerships, counseling, receiving, and giving feedback. Those with Mercury here may want to convey an image to the public of being knowledgeable in their field, and someone who is well-informed in their area of expertise. The planet Mercury, when placed in the sphere of relating, may need to analyze and discuss relationships themselves. Alternatively, […]

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