Venus in 10th House

a2fbb31ce6fba08f2b5f60cdc1909c61Venus in the 10th house is considered one of the best indicators for success. Those with Venus in this place want to contribute something positive and loving to the world, and pleasure comes from their career or professional life. The individual may be interested in careers that favour the arts, counselling, diplomacy, or design. They want to be recognised for their beauty, financial skills, artistic gifts, diplomatic gifts or loving nature. The person may have a good reputation for being supportive and co-operative of team efforts. The individual’s people skills and ability to socialize with people of influence can help benefit them. Venus in this position house will enable the individual to establish an immediate rapport with others.

The tenth house is concerned with honor, profession and success in life. It is one of the most important angles in the natal chart. Public relationships are significant in their lives, and the tenth house determines their motivation and push for a successful career. Sometimes the tenth house describes what the individual will do career-wise, alternatively, it may signify how they approach and move towards their vocation in life.

The person knows how to turn on the charm in public situations and is talented at making and maintaining contacts. Venus in the 10th house signifies that love and harmony are directed towards their ambitions, but the other side of Venus may show jealousy and rivalry. The Midheaven is the most elevated part of the horoscope and so an individual with Venus here is often considered popular in his or her public life, and they may be liked by authority figures and have a good reputation for being cooperative and supportive of team efforts.

Venus here may also be attracted to partners who are accomplished in some way, older or more established, and marriage and career are closely shared. Traditional textbooks state that this person often marries above their station in life. A harmonious working life is desired, but the aspects need to be examined to see how easily this can be achieved. Venus in the 10th house often describes a loving relationship with the mother and she may be viewed as the beloved and attractive one. In some cases, a daughter may have felt that she was in competition and rivalry with her mother. This position can also favour benefits from parents.

Pleasure is found in their career and they value their social image. Venus in the 10th house may represent a love and respect for structure and establishment. This person easily attracts career opportunities and likes to be admired in their chosen vocation and sometimes the vocational choice has something to do with the female sex and help and support may also come through them.

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