No Planets in a House

Question: No planets in the 3rd, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 10th house! Does that mean I’m not normal? You are completely normal. Some houses are simply not tenated, however, they can receive tenants moving in and out for short or long periods throughout a lifetime by way of transits (moving planets). So, you will see action in all of our houses in the round of a life. Astrologers look to the sign ruling an empty house to discern those matters further. Moreover, even if there is nothing in the 3rd house, for instance, an astrologer will glean information from the planet Mercury (natural ruler), and this body will describe your mental abilities and style of communicating. The houses are the least written about subject in astrology, and they represent the different areas of your life and have been likened to a stage where the cast of planets – actors and actresses – clothed in their signs will begin to enact a grand play. While the planets move around the chart creating all of the activity, the houses just sit there. They never change position.

Did you know that there are 22 different house systems available to astrologers? Naturally, with so many techniques, it can create some heated debates amongst astrologers over which is the ‘right’ method to use. The equal house system is the easiest to use for drawing up your own chart. The Placidus system is most favored by top astrologers. Liz Greene prefers Placidus because it is time-based. The angles of the horoscope are more sensitized with interpretations being accurate, but sometimes planets change houses. To sum up, an empty house is still an important part of your life, and especially when the major transits come around. The houses containing planets, however, will always have greater emphasis in our life, since there is more energy.

It would be erroneous to suggest to someone, for example, having no second house planets, that s/he has no talents, is unable to survive independently, to earn money or to acquire personal assets. Likewise, advising someone having no sixth house planets that there is no need for employment, or no need to establish positive daily routines, would be equally irresponsible. These houses operate regardless of whether or not planets are located within them. For example, the planet ruling the second house shows where (house) and how (sign) personal assets can be acquired. The planet ruling the sixth house shows where (house) and how (sign) positive daily routines are developed. By In Search of a Fulfilling Career