Category: Saturn Transits

Saturn Transits Mars

When transiting Saturn aspects Mars your assertiveness, drive, and fighting spirit are put to the test. You feel more determined

Saturn Transits Venus

When transiting Saturn aspects Venus, you get practical and serious about your love life. The trine is particularly lovely and

Saturn Transits Mercury

When transiting Saturn aspects Mercury, you become thoughtful, careful in speech, and serious in thinking. You ponder deeply on things,

Transiting Saturn Aspects the Moon

When transiting Saturn aspects the Moon, there is a heavier focus on your feelings, emotions, and need for security. It

Saturn Transits Sun

When transiting Saturn aspects the Sun, it could be a time of testing, and you may be faced with situations

Saturn Transits the 12th House

When Saturn transits the 12th house, it’s time for your most introspective period yet! It’s when you say to others,

Saturn Transits the 11th House

When Saturn transits the 11th house, there may be a reticence, aloofness or even shyness that can interfere with the

Saturn Transits the 10th House

When Saturn transits the 10th house, we have pressure on us to take responsibility for our career efforts. This insistence

Saturn Transits the 9th House

When Saturn transits the 9th house there will be issues concerned with traveling and seeking higher education, finding laws and

Saturn Transits the 8th House

When Saturn transits through the 8th house, hidden powers and controlling habit patterns are examined, and obsessive-compulsive tendencies will be