The Mars Trine is NOT FINE

I will be doing updates today on posts as I have more information to add. Also, remember the daily transit I was writing about that I was under: the transiting action of Mars trine the Ascendant. I was enjoying it and felt all the benefits of renewed energy and confidence and a new haircut. I was feeling sorry for those under Mars’s hard aspects to the Ascendant who might be having fights, accidents, and burning themselves. I was all “protected” by the trine aspect and feeling great. Then I accidentally started a small fire in my kitchen last week the day before my birthday. I was nearly ready to call the fire brigade. I remember thinking I didn’t look my best for the sexy firefighters to storm in and rescue me. Isn’t that terrible? Not that the house could have burned down. I worry about myself sometimes. So, anyway, the trine is NOT fine at all!! haha. No harm done apart from burning one kitchen cupboard. Who would have thought the trine would do any damage. In that previous post, I did warn of the dangers, but I ignored them feeling safe under my Mars trine to the Ascendant, the good aspect.

Tomorrow I am writing up a Moon-Pluto anorexic post. It was an interesting chart and has some information detailed of her inside thoughts because she has written a book. I think there are other aspects to possibly signify this illness, but I actually would put the Moon in aspect to Pluto towards the top end for eating disorders.