Venus-Pluto Synastry

75626-57dbcf6df406dThe Venus person embodies the qualities of grace, charm and beauty which activates very powerful and intense emotions from the Plutonian. Pluto’s intensity is often attractive to Venus, and creates a powerful sexual chemistry between the couple, even with the difficult aspects. While Pluto can make Venus feel deeply loved and valued, it can also be too intrusive, and their intensity could be disturbing. The Pluto person often makes the Venus person much more aware of their inner values and feelings of self-worth. When Venus and Pluto connect in the synastry chart, it often signifies the necessity of opening up psychologically to the partner and the requirement to deepen the union.

With all Pluto contacts in synastry, there will always be a struggle for dominance and control. Pluto destroys whatever challenges its survival, so any threats are removed. Venus might even enjoy the exclusive attention of Pluto, for the love is intensified and potent. The bond also has a feeling of being destined, well, at least for one partner. If the Venus person doesn’t reciprocate the same feelings towards their Plutonian partner, Pluto tends to take it up a notch until the desired response is received. Venus conjunct, opposite or square Pluto may create greater insecurity in the way these two people interact. Let’s face it, Pluto doesn’t take rejection lightly and refusing his advances only creates further resentment; feelings of anger, jealousy, possessiveness, which surface in the relationship and take over it.

Pluto can have a compulsive attraction to Venus, but sometimes this is a repressive influence and the Venusian may feel coerced and intimidated into being loving and affectionate. It may result in increased levels of threats and greater emotional dominance as the relationship progresses further. Pluto is all about psychological truth and will keep digging and digging until the depth of affection required is received from Venus. This level of intensity can be exhausting for both partners, but it is made worst when Pluto uses his ability to penetrate and degrade the love nature of Venus and makes it clear that infidelities will not likely be tolerated. The unconscious manipulative manner of the Pluto person often destroys Venus’ affections. Equally, Venus’ over-superficial attitude to the relationship builds up resentment in the Pluto person.

The relationship often starts out very charming, sweet and passionate, but there is always a simmering heat underneath this interaction, and it may turn smothering, cruel, and violent. Pluto interactions can ignite a striking fascination or uneasy love obsession. The Pluto individual is not easily satisfied and it’s all or nothing. Breaking the bond is never easy, extremes of emotion will surface, and it’s unlikely these two can ever remain “just friends.” In fact, the Venus person may believe she is all “sweetness and light” in this interaction, but there is a need to look at their responses and be conscious of whether or not their seductiveness of Pluto send him into a jealous rage. Venus loves some of the intensity; especially if it makes her feel more beautiful, valued and loved. For some, it makes the relationship more exciting, desirable and sexually driven. However, Pluto’s reactions end up scaring Venus, and Pluto has a tendency to dredge up everything up from the past.

The contact is sometimes found in a relationship of unrequited love, and one that it is very much one-sided. The Pluto person doesn’t want to share Venus, so there is a level of pleasure and pain here. There is also a lot of healing and transformation that can occur if the bond is allowed to reach a deep enough level. Pluto can regenerate and transform their Venusian partner, creating an enduring bond, and in general, Venus-Pluto contacts between a couple brings about change and growth in both. Still, this contact may also encourage mutual debt, addictions, and compulsions, where compromise is often difficult, and this easily turns into a love-hate kind of union.

There may be an easy interaspect here, but it is helpful to remember that these two planets aren’t naturally very friendly toward each other. Pluto is about hard psychological truth. It is challenging and confrontative, while Venus is in all things more moderate. The Pluto partner brings a kind of confrontative intensity to bear on the Venus person’s relationship patterns, instincts and history – a quality which the Venus person may not appreciate every minute of the day. Still, this exchange works better than we might expect, and the end result is that the Venus person gradually becomes more savvy, psychologically naked, and honestly communicative, while the Pluto partner learns some necessary lessons about patience, courtesy, timing, forbearance, and humor. If it is not handled in this way, there is the danger that the partners will damage each other in psychologically and spiritually serious ways. Skymates: Love, Sex and Evolutionary Astrology