Killed by Lightning

In the realm of astrology, Uranus emerges as a celestial orchestrator of unexpected upheavals and a harbinger of profound awakenings. This distant planet, with its magnetic attraction, serves as the cosmic conductor of sudden jolts that reverberate through our lives, shattering the cocoon of complacency we often weave around ourselves. Much like a bolt of lightning slicing through the tranquil darkness, Uranus ignites a blaze of awareness that compels us to confront the reality of our own making. The very essence of Uranus is encapsulated in its role as a disruptor of routines and a revealer of hidden truths. This planetary force, synonymous with Prometheus, the mythic titan who gifted fire to humanity, wields a transformative power that can both liberate and disorient. It’s as if Uranus, in its audacious dance across the heavens, beckons us to recognize the broader cosmic patterns interwoven with our existence, inviting us to decipher the grand design that shapes our journey.

Delving further, a fascinating avenue of study arises—one that looks at the phenomenon of individuals who have been struck and killed by lightning. An embodiment of the planet’s raw, transformative power. This pursuit, while rooted in research, unveils the resonating echoes of Uranus’ influence, both as a distant traveler in the cosmic realms and as an architect of potent change. With an analytical gaze, the natal charts of those who have experienced this electrifying fate are scrutinized, endeavoring to identify the patterns and configurations that mark the presence of Uranus.

Our ability to stand out as well as our ability to be original is here. Do we hide our originality from the world to blend in, or is placed in one’s 1st house, and their uniqueness noticed immediately? To be an oddball or an outsider or unable to fit in can be Uranus not operating at its best. Technology and futuristic inventions, due to Uranus being the ruler of the future times. The discovery of new inventions and ideas that seem to come as lightning bolts out of nowhere. Uranus rules lightning too! The planet’s position shows where brilliance lies in our lives. A rational yet creative thought process comes with the planet in proper dignity. There is an intuitiveness associated with this planet due to its ability to access the Akashic records when connected to Jupiter. The Akashic records are the present, future, and past information of events, people, places, and things in the collective consciousness, all information ever known to man that everyone can access. While this is located in the Galactic Center within Sagittarius, Uranus can still have quick access. ABCs of Astrology: A Beginners Guide to Becoming your Own Astrologer

Samuel Brashear Avis (February 19, 1872 – June 8, 1924) was an American politician who represented West Virginia in the United States House of Representatives from 1913-1915.

He was killed by lightning in Charleston, West Virginia June 8, 1924, and was interred there in Spring Hill Cemetery.

The Astrology

On the fateful day of the lightning strike, the movement of the planets brought a remarkable and potent alignment into play. Transiting Uranus, the electrifying and transformative planet, was perfectly conjunct his natal Mars. This celestial phenomenon set the stage for a surge of Uranian energy, an energy that was akin to a lightning bolt coursing through his life. The conjunction of Uranus and Mars holds a distinctive aura of rebellion and innovation. It is a combination that can be likened to a wild electrical storm, charging the atmosphere with a sense of excitement and unpredictability. The intense alignment signifies a time of daring and adventure, a period where one must harness the electrifying impulses that surge within and channel them into something exhilarating. This union of cosmic forces sparks the need for a thrilling outlet, a conduit for the high-voltage drive that Uranus imparts.

Mars, the fiery and dynamic planet, represents physical energy and assertion. In conjunction with Uranus, it’s as if the individual’s vitality is charged with electric currents, their very essence pulsating with a vivacity that’s both awe-inspiring and potentially hazardous.  It’s a time when one’s passions and desires are amplified to an extraordinary degree, propelling them into uncharted territories with a zeal that cannot be contained. Yet, as with any dynamic force, there is a flip side. Contacts between Mars and Uranus are known to carry an element of risk, particularly involving machinery, electrical equipment, explosives, and, quite fittingly, lightning. It’s a period when the boundary between excitement and danger becomes thin, where the exhilaration of pushing boundaries can sometimes lead to startling mishaps. In this case, the tragic lightning strike serves as a stark reminder of the potency of these celestial configurations.

Hernán Gaviria Carvajal (November 27, 1969 – October 24, 2002) was a Colombian football central midfielder. Gaviria died on October 24, 2002, when he and teammate Giovanni Córdoba were hit by lightning during a practice session with Deportivo Cali.

Gaviria was killed instantly, though he was not pronounced dead until arriving at Valle de Lilli Hospital; Córdoba died three days later. Nicknamed “Carepa”, he left a wife and two children; he was only 32.

The Astrology

The alignment of transiting Uranus within an 8-degree orb of his natal Mars, both situated within the constellation Aquarius, serves as a focal point of intense energy and transformation. Aquarius, as an air sign ruled by Uranus, embodies a spirit of innovation, independence, and eccentricity. It’s a realm where the boundaries of convention are pushed, where the unorthodox and the avant-garde find their home. With his natal Mars positioned within this sign, his inherent drive and assertiveness took on the qualities of Aquarius—energetic, electric, and progressive.

Geremis Segundo González Acosta (January 8, 1975 – May 25, 2008) was a Venezuelan right-handed pitcher in Major League Baseball who played for the Chicago Cubs, Tampa Bay Devil Rays, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and Milwaukee Brewers. In his rookie season, he led the Cubs with 11 wins, but he was unable to continue that success in later seasons.

The Astrology

The tragic event that claimed Geremis González’s life on May 25, 2008, is deeply entwined with the astrological forces that were at play during that momentous day. The alignment of transiting Uranus in a square aspect to his natal Mars adds a potent layer of significance to his untimely passing. The square aspect between transiting Uranus and his natal Mars brings to the forefront a clash of energies, an intense and dynamic interaction between these two planetary forces. Uranus, the harbinger of change, disruption, and unexpected events, confronted Mars, the planet of assertiveness, action, and physical energy. This alignment serves as an indicator of the heightened potential for sudden and transformative events in his life.

Mars, as the ruler of accidents and injuries, was particularly vulnerable in this configuration. The square from Uranus could be seen as a celestial trigger, a catalyst that set in motion the chain of events leading to the lightning strike. The striking combination of Mars and Uranus in a challenging square aspect symbolizes an increased risk associated with electrical phenomena, lending an eerie resonance to the tragic circumstances of his passing.

Overall, the planets Mars and Uranus have been prominent, but this is a common transit for all kinds of other mishaps as well. The chances of getting struck by lightning is rare, and this is an uncommon event in and of itself.