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Astrology: Liar, Liar Pants on Fire

LIARS, FIBBERS, CHEATERS, and downright twisters of the truth, how can these traits be seen astrologically in the natal chart. I do believe some propensity to lie can be seen in all the Mercury aspects in astrology, they all just do it in different ways, which I will explain later on. There are many reasons to lie and not all lying is for manipulative purposes, some people need to lie as a way to survive, others lie to make themselves appear more interesting. Many people get paid to LIE like journalists, politician’s, clothing assistant’s, and advertisers. Deception can also be used to create a different sense of self, as some individuals are not happy with themselves and want to be like someone else, to gain a desperate need for approval. We are all liars to some degree and we all have the ability to lie or we wouldn’t have Mercury or Gemini in our chart!

The Trickster in Myth

Mercury (trickster) is the god of quick thinking, magic, illusion, communication, and also the divine manipulator. Mercury is considered the protector of thieves and businessmen; the light-footed Hermes is skilled in storytelling and games. On the negative side, he can be crafty, calculating and false.

Modern Day Tricksters

Both of these are fictional characters and are very lovable and amusing. Which says a lot about the Mercurial character represented by Gemini and it’s ruler, Mercury. The first ”trickster” is Ace Venturer played by Jim Carrey.

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Here is a description of Ace in the movie:

Ace Ventura is an eccentric and histrionic detective who specializes in cases involving pet animals. Ace possesses extreme vanity, extraordinary powers of observation, and equally great powers of deduction. He has a tendency to use foul language and to make vulgar jokes, as in the scene where he manually moves the halves of his rump to simulate a speaking mouth. He often draws complex, correct conclusions, but does not reveal them until a critical moment. He is sexually promiscuous, talkative, dedicated, and clever. It is implied in a scene in the first film that he was originally a member of the police force but left because he resented his superiors pointing out all the mistakes he made.

The next Mercurial character is Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean:

Sparrow is the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea and can be treacherous, surviving mostly by using wit and negotiation rather than weapons and force; although he will fight if necessary, he tries to flee most dangerous situations. Sparrow is introduced seeking to regain his ship the Black Pearl from his mutinous first mate Hector Barbs in the first film, and in the sequels, attempts to escape his blood debt to the legendary Davy Jones while battling the East India Trading Co.

Mercury in Aspect

Mercury is the planet of communication, verbal expression. Mercury will tell us how we communicate and what we are interested in. I will look at Mercury in aspect to other planets, and see how Mercury changes his communication depending on who he is paired with in the natal chart.

Mercury/Jupiter Promises TOO MUCH and cannot deliver what is promised. Mercury-Jupiter can EXAGGERATE!!!! Individuals with this aspect can be very eager and enthusiastic, but they tend to lose interest and wander off making more BIG PLANS without even putting their last idea into any practical form. The aspect has often been called FULL of hot air, and often do not realize how they have exaggerated and distorted the facts because of OVER-ENTHUSIASM.

Mercury/Saturn This aspect does not appear to be a LIAR. Here is what Liz Greene has to say on the aspect between these two planets in her book Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil 

By Liz Greene: The curious expression of the chronic and uncontrollable liar is also one of the less attractive facets of Mercury-Saturn. But Saturn remains true to form here in that there must be present a reasonable degree of intelligence, sensitivity, and complexity in order for such distortion or OVERCOMPENSATION to exist.

Mercury-Saturn often is afraid of appearing dull and less intelligent to others. A lot of these individuals have significant intellectual abilities. However, they can bend the truth in order to have their way with people, sometimes at worst this only creates isolation for themselves because of their critical and scheming ways. (it is an excellent aspect for the politician/government.)

Mercury/Uranus These types are not prone to lie, as they protest for the TRUTH, but they can often champion one idea/belief rather rebelliously. And then all of a SUDDEN these individuals can turn around and radically oppose the same statement they were championing. Which only tends to make them come across as contradictory. And if confronted with their own contradictory statements twill deny they said such an idea or belief, and be very offended. Individuals with Mercury in aspect to Uranus will often say they are MISUNDERSTOOD.

Mercury/Neptune individuals with this aspect are confused as to what the truth is. They can be highly GULLIBLE themselves, and may, therefore, understand how other people can equally be prone to deception, and cheat and deceive other people for they know their MENTAL VULNERABILITIES. The IMAGINATIVE quality is often over emphasized and problems of perception can be created. These individuals can make mistakes in judgments and misinterpret the facts. The aspect can also manifest as SELF DECEPTION, and there is also the inability to distinguish between the real and unreal.

Mercury/Pluto This aspect has a natural investigative ability, their penetrating insights can sometimes lack sensitivity. Individuals with Mercury in aspect to Pluto may try to mentally DOMINATE others, they find it difficult to TRUST others, AND it can be a form of projection as they themselves can be guilty of plotting and keeping secrets. The CRIMINAL MASTERMIND or the fighter of crime, this aspect understands the psychology of the criminal.