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Those with Moon-Saturn aspects in synastry show feelings of deep responsibility for one another.  The Saturn person offers the Moon physical containment and strength but may be overly critical of the Moon’s core emotional needs and act a little awkward and defensive. This often means that the Moon person feels like they are being treated like a child, especially when they are expressing the most natural and vulnerable parts of themselves.

It is when the Moon person is being their most natural and vulnerable self that Saturn comes across as unsympathetic and showing a deeply uncaring response to the Moon. It is nothing to take too personally for there are usually fears and inhibitions standing in the way of a more natural response from Saturn. This is often the reason why the contact can be an emotionally frustrating one at times, and in these situations, there are commonly feelings of rejection, isolation, and sometimes loneliness. Both need security and they must examine issues of dependency, mutually supportive roles, and responsibility to one another. The Saturn individual may have the acquired maturity to counsel the Moon individual regardless of age. Yet, there are sometimes conflicts over responsibilities of family, domestic situations and professional duties.

At best this combination can blend nurturing and practicality, loyalty and responsibility into the bond. The aspect in synastry usually bears well for emotional consistency as it is bound to tradition, past habits, and bondage. The contact places a serious tone on the emotional connection between them both. Some may feel they have to play out traditional roles and one partner may feels they need to gain their emotional freedom back. These two may be acting out parental roles and one partner often feels a heavy sense of responsibility for the other. The Moon is the dependent part of our personality while Saturn relates to the cautious, harder and self-sufficient part of us.

According to astrologer Stephen Arroyo, Saturn connections in synastry may leave the other individual feeling that the Saturn individual has something over them. So while the Moon will tend to respect and admire Saturn, at least for a while, the downfall of this combination is that the two people form an unhealthy, isolated state of dependency. The Moon may feel deeply hurt by Saturn’s overly cautious and sometimes harsh response to their feelings. It can, at times, come across as emotional coldness. Saturn in this relationship finds it difficult to respond as freely and so may tend to pick on the Moon quite a lot.

Saturn attempts to create space between himself and the things or situations which have hurt him while the Moon attempts to draw everything to herself as part of her own subjective experience. The Moon clings to those areas which are most disturbing to Saturn, and this becomes apparent even in the realm of personal habits. It is common to find Saturn irrationally irritated by a small and often meaningless personal idiosyncrasy of dress or habit expressed by the Moon for it is only a symbol of a deeper disturbance. By Liz Greene

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