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Uranus: A Different Reality

Question: How does Uranus see reality different? On the left is how Uranus sees reality, and it has something to do with the code and design behind everything, geometry, the mathematics of the heavens, cosmic patterns. Many subjects under Uranus’ rulership include astrology, astronomy, space, and technology. The perceptions under this vibrant planet are raised… Read More »

Uranus People: Let’s Get Intergalactic

In astrology, Uranus represents the greatest breakthroughs in history, and those with the planet strong in their horoscope often want to say new things and push the boundaries of human thought beyond where they have been before. Often this is done by pushing their view into new territory. One can almost imagine them as an… Read More »

Uranus: Mankind’s Hero

Uranus, like the other outer planets, is not simple for the astrological devotee to encompass because of its collective nature. Besides, with every planet in astrology, there exists both its creative and destructive expressions, and we see its more negative declarations through revolutions happening all over the world, many involving cold rebellion, bloodshed, and gross… Read More »

Uranus: Super-Conscious

Uranus is the planet of rapid transformation, sudden understanding, freedom, insurgence, originality, autonomy, modernization, electricity, bizarreness, uniqueness, and independence. In its revolution, it is the first planet outside Saturn – the first of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto), and these are the planetary bodies of cosmic awareness. The outer planets give the essential… Read More »

Uranus: Progress and Consciousness

Uranus is the first modern planet in our solar system; it lies beyond the traditional boundary marking the last of the seven planets. Uranus in the horoscope relates to astronomy and astrology, bridging the starry heavens and Earth, and was named “heaven.”  The planet inspires human beings, and can be credited with bestowing gifts of… Read More »

Uranus: The Human Spirit

In 1781, the self-taught British astronomer Sir William Frederick Herschel discovered the planet Uranus, the first to be discovered for centuries. It’s thought to usher in the New Age and a wave of progressive developments, propelling us to further heights of realization. In astrology, Uranus rules geometry and there seems to be a design throughout nature, it… Read More »

Uranus: Mind Over Matter

It was William James who observed that our first act of free-will is choosing to believe in free-will. In astrology, Uranus is the prime planet which relates to the whole aspect of  “mind over matter”.  One can’t deny, it can feel liberating to truly believe that one only has to change the way one thinks… Read More »

Uranus – Geometry

Uranus is related to subjects that are usually scientific and geometric. Other Uranian topics are sociology, computers, and astronomy. Astrology also contains a mathematical element and pertains to an abstract design, relating it to this conceptual world. The art of horoscope making is designed using math principles and we are dealing with fundamental patterns, and concerned… Read More »

Uranus: Crazy Mad Genius

Uranus rules the crazy, mad, and genius parts of our nature in the natal chart. Wherever it is placed at birth indicates where we express inventiveness, originality, and experience accidental discoveries. The planet is electric and magnetic in its nature, if not jarring at times, jolting us into sudden awareness. The planet also encourages us… Read More »