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Slavery Abolished: New Independence – Uranus in Aries

On September 25th, 1927, all forms of slavery were abolished after a treaty was signed at the League of Nations Slavery Convention. The astrology of this day is extremely relevant, as there was a line-up of planets in Libra (justice and equality), and transiting Uranus made its early entry into Aries and formed a Jupiter-Uranus… Read More »

Stir of Echoes

Stir of Echoes is one of my favorite films, and after reading Liz Greene’s The Astrological Neptune and the Quest for Redemption, it helped greatly with some of the astrological themes in the movie. The obvious connection involves Neptune and the link with the paranormal, “psychism” and spiritual side of life. However, the process leading up… Read More »

Weather Records

I thought it would be interesting to observe the different weather phenomenon and disasters, astrologically. I recently looked at the coldest day on record, which showed an exact Sun square Saturn contact, and the freezing temperature in Antarctica, dropped to -89.2 C. The quality of Saturn is slow, heavy, cold and dull. The fastest temperature… Read More »

Coldest Day Recorded

Right now, I am sitting in a blanket typing this post today since it is so unbearably cold. Only yesterday did I have to trek an extremely long-distance on a horrible black ice, and now my legs are throbbing. The weather has been freezing of late, but it warmed up with the rain, and the… Read More »

Neptune in Pisces: The End Times

The Astrological Neptune and Quest for Redemption by Liz Greene, covers the Great Flood myths that colour our view of the cycle of life and are particularly interesting, and these are clearly evidenced throughout history in the ongoing sagas around Apocalypse day, Judgement Day and End of the World predictions. The Neptune symbolism of the… Read More »

Too Close for Comfort

The dynamics of this uncomfortable confrontation in the film Closer relates to Scorpio, Pluto, and 8th house planets. Pluto brings to the surface much darker emotions and forces us to look at the reality of how we relate. After leaving the sign of Libra with all its pleasantness, politeness, and compromise, we reach a stage of intimacy… Read More »

Aries Rising

We can appreciate that everyone approaches life and its challenges in an assortment of ways. An individual with Aries rising tackles the world impulsively, independently and with enormous mental and physical stamina. The positive role of their psychological development is autonomy. It refers to the ability to behave independent – to perform actions on one’s… Read More »

Moon in 8th House: Incredible Insight

An individual born with the Moon in the 8th house is deeply sensitive to hidden undercurrents in the environment, and there is also an unusual insight into the inner life of other people. There is deep sensitivity to areas involving taboos, loss, death, abuse, occult, shared resources and sex. The Moon in 8th house needs… Read More »

Taurus Rising

The Taurus rising individual approaches life with caution, realism and patience. This person is usually peaceable and slow to anger and hates to be hurried by others. They are motivated by material concerns and are fond of luxury, nice clothes and physical pleasures. They like tactile affection and are highly attuned on a sensual level.… Read More »

The Astrological Neptune

The Astrological Neptune and  the Quest for Redemption is written by Liz Greene, published at the beginning of the millennium. The text is nearly 500 pages long and probably contains everything we would ever need to know about this nebulous planet. The author began the process of putting the work together for the book under… Read More »