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Hell: Pluto

The underworld is ruled by Pluto, and it is often the place that we are “psychologically” dragged to hell. Astrologically the planet rules the bowels of the earth, and so it deals with our innards, guts, and takes a long, dark, intense look at our insides. Many Pluto experiences have been described as the devil and hell rolled into one. …

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Pluto Aspects – Who are you Kidding?

According to astrologer, Liz Greene, the pretense that Sun-Pluto women will adopt to cover up another, more powerful personality is rather fascinating. Many individuals with dominant Pluto aspects pit themselves against survival tests, and will do this in relationships. Those with inharmonious Sun-Pluto aspects (Conjunction, Square, and opposition) often end up in a relationship with a “powerful” man who may …

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Saturn and Pluto: The Human Shadow

Saturn and Pluto are two planets that have a lot do to with our shadow material, and their placements in our natal chart reveal a lot about what we keep repressed, hidden, inhibited and bottled up. Liz Greene believes that anything which casts light also casts a Shadow. Saturn and Pluto are both associated with death, depression, self-destruction and loss. …

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Into The Darkest Corner

I finished reading Into the Darkest Corner: A Novel during a Mars’ transit over my natal Pluto (classically one of the aspects associated with abuse, violence, jealousy and control). The book could quite easily be filed under those kinds of Pluto taboo topics we want to pretend doesn’t happen. The statistics are shocking and each hour, 75 women are raped …

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Scorpio, 8th House and Pluto: The Trivial

Nothing interests Scorpio, 8th house and Pluto people less than what is superficial and mediocre. The reason for this is that they are ruled by the planet of life and death; it rules taboos, the cruellest, sadistic, and darkest things that could happen to us as human beings. It also rules the most intense, compassionate, bonding, and memorable things that …