Venus in Taurus

A person born with Venus in Taurus seeks relationships that endure the test of time, with endless patience and unwavering commitment they choose stable and comfortable investments rather than take a chance for a brief and unstable courtship. The person needs tangible expressions of love and they gain a feeling of pleasure through the body […]

Venus in Gemini

Those with Venus in GEMINI love in a light hearted way and have a lovely sparkling quality about them. The type  is generally social, witty, clever and fun to have around. In many ways, they are like the social butterfly flitting from flower to flower. Still, Venus in Gemini has been accused of being incorrigible […]

Venus in Cancer

Any person with Venus in CANCER seeks relationships which provide a sense of emotional belonging, kindness, and sympathy. The expression of love is insanely responsive to feeling, and there is a powerful protective instinct that will sometimes cling fearfully to loved ones. They have a tendency to nostalgically look back at the past, remembering past […]

Venus in Leo

A person born with Venus in Leo seeks relationships that embody romance, drama, and generosity. The emotional life is colorful and there is often a love of entertainment, play, and creativity. Ordinarily, those with Venus here seek the approval of others in social situations; love, attention, and affection boost their sense of self-worth. Venus here […]

Venus in Virgo

Venus here is quietly devoted and faithful to loved ones.  The person is more comfortable showing their love by doing something useful and practical or by simply being there for them. Venus in Virgo is timid about expressing too much affection and emotionalism, and can be something of the shy romantic. Attention is paid to […]

Venus in Libra

Venus in Libra possesses a natural sense of beauty and harmony, which is expressed in social or artistic ways. This position is placed in the love goddess’s domain, and this side of nature reflects a polite, charming, romantic, cool and sophisticated manner. Venus here is tactful with a strong desire to please the love partner, […]

Venus in Scorpio

With Venus in Scorpio, you need relationships which provide emotional depth, intensity and the potential for transformation. Venus here cannot stand relating to others in a superficial way, and so you desire a deep, intense, passionate union. In relationship, you love on a very deep emotional level, and you’re extremely possessive and jealous of any […]

Venus in Sagittarius

A person with Venus in Sagittarius seeks a relationship which expands consciousness and they feel happiest with a fun loving partner to share adventures with. Venus here likes to be where it’s popular, new and exciting and have a good time; therefore, a partner needs to have that same fun-loving sense of humor. When Venus […]

Venus in Capricorn

Any person with Venus in Capricorn seeks relationships which provide a stable structure and enhances the social or professional standing. Love is a serious business and these people are extremely cautious entering new relationships. They are definitely not the type to openly express affection, they care very much about others’ opinions and long for love […]

Venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius seeks relationships which provide friendship, shared ideals, and common political views. Venus here has definite principles about relationships, and a deep sense of integrity makes any sort of betrayal unforgivable. Strong ethics give loyalty, tolerance and a willingness to accept major differences within a partnership. Aquarius has strong beliefs about equality and […]